Welcome to the High Desert Amateur Radio Group     W7JVO

 The High Desert Amateur Radio Group is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio, and to promote our hobby and provide help with community service activities as well as other types of ham radio activities. We have an extensive linked repeater system that stretches across much of Central and Eastern Oregon.
See below for our next monthly meeting!  THURS JUNE 7th 2018


HIDARG will be operating a "Special Event" station at the 99th Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo.
Aug 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th (no operation on the 5th after 2pm pst)

FREQ: SSB 14.250 (daytime)  7.230  (evening) or near there based on conditions.

Switch back and forth if both bands open.
No set time to be on the air, will try most times at the top of the hour.
If you wish a QSL card from the event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
With your contact information, and address etc.


HIDARG has a special social gathering on the 3rd Thursday of Every month at Pappy's Pizza.
We trade off with the Redmond and Bend locations. In July it was Bend, August in Redmond.
Contact Max KF7MAX or Brady W7YPZ. See contact info under contact button above.


John Day System back on the air!!!!  6/14/18
Matt KI7UEF and I (kf7max) flew over on Thurs in Matt's Cessna 180 to the John Day airport
and replaced the GP-9 antenna with a new one. For those of you that missed it,
a few weeks ago, our comms tower at the JD airport got hit with lightning and it blew apart the
GP-9. All went well, and the system is back on the air, no harm done to any of the equipment.

HIDARG through COCC community education will be offering an accelerated training class for folks
wanting to get their ham radio license. The FALL Community Education pamphlet from COCC will have ALL the details.
Check out the COCC web site for the Community education link.
You are only required to attend one class. Full day class. 8:30am to 4pm then testing from 4pm to 5:30
Note that the test does not normally take that long....Most folks finish in 30mins or less.

Ham Radio Accelerated Technician training will be held on NEW DATE! (10/13/2018)   AND    (11/17/2018)
Contact me via maxv (at) horizonps.com to secure a spot on one of those dates but you WILL STILL need to register with COCC.
Sign up links will be made available as soon as they are ready.
Give them a call or contact them via the info on their web site.
Those of you who hold a technicians class license can sign up for ANY of the classes and their
study materials will be for the General Class testing at the end of the session.
We will need to know in advance if that is your wish.
Please NOTE that Class size is limited. --- KF7MAX

(if you can't wait, check the link to the right called "Getting Licensed" this is another option that has had great success!)

  -- KF7MAX

Antenna is on the DC Sheriffs Dept.  80ft tower.
442.550 +  T 162.2

HIDARG's 146.94 repeater on Long Butte is now on EchoLink
NODE#  159091 - W7JVO-R
This means that you can access any OTHER EchoLink Node via the Long Butte repeater.
Watch for more information coming soon in the HiDARG email List.
Right now the system is in experimental mode, but we plan to make it official at Junes monthly meeting.

Wheeler Amateur Radio Club has a new repeater on the air for over a year now... their info is listed in our repeater section.
Our goal to getting them linked into the system is getting closer, an antenna has arrived, as well as the controller and link radio.
All that is left now is to assemble the parts and pieces, and get them installed to the site. We hope to get this done before end of spring.

  What the heck's this HamWan stuff I hear floating around.
If you want to get in on the scoop and discussions, please sign up for the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email list.
If you have even a passing interest just send an email to that address, and include your full name and call sign.
You can be removed at any time if you wish.

HIDARG's next monthly meeting will be held at Aspen Ridge Retirement Center. (location details below)
JULY 5th at 7pm 
Meeting starts at 7pm so be sure to arrive before then.
We may need help prior to meeting to arrange tables and chairs.
As a note the doors will lock at 7pm so if your late you will need to be buzzed in.

Aspen Ridge is located at

1010 NE Purcell Blvd, Bend, OR 97701
If coming off Neff road, turn south on Purcell at the light.
If coming from the Costco area and Hwy20 turn North on Purcell.
Aspen Ridge has two facilities, one on the south side of Purcell and one on the North side.
We will be meeting on the North Side meeting room.
So from Neff Turn LEFT into Aspen Ridge.
From Hwy 20, you will be turning RIGHT into Aspen Ridge.
Use the main entrance.



OFFICERS/BOARD members for 2018
Brady Remsen W7YPZ  President
Brian Case KU7F  Vice-Pres
Max Vaughan KF7MAX  Secretary
Ray Sprier KG7AV  Treasure
John Cherry KE7GYB  Member at Large


What is Ham RadioGetting Licensed


If you're looking for something on the old site, please use the link below.
It is outdated and will no longer be updated, it is available for archive purposes for a short time.
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