Welcome to the High Desert Amateur Radio Group     W7JVO

The High Desert Amateur Radio Group is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio, and to promote our hobby and provide help with community service activities as well as other types of ham radio activities. We have an extensive linked repeater system that stretches across much of Central and Eastern Oregon.

 PLEASE RSVP for the Christmas party via the link that was sent to the group email list.
If you did NOT get the email, please let me know. -KF7MAX
Also see below for UPDATESS from the Nov. 3rd Thurs 7pm meeting for HIDARG

 Click here to read the current newsletter   June/July has been posted. If you missed Aug/Sept newsletter, the reason is that unfortunately, I have not had the time to come up with content on my own. Repeated calls for help with content have not been very productive either. Not looking for actual articles, but suggestions or short paragraphs of
something that others might find interesting. We may need to suspend the newsletter or assign it to quarterly status.

Our Tech class has started, and if still interested it is not to late to get into it.
We do have room. Better late than never.
Contact us if still wanting to sign up. (See contact info in the menu above.)

John Day Repeater 145.21 is now linked into the HIDARG system via Pine Mountain. UPDATE! On Friday afternoon 11/4/16, Bill N7RGB, Troy AG6NJ, Bob W7SCY, and Max KF7MAX went up to swap out the marginal Omni with a 16 element folded Dipole UHF antenna on loan from Bill.
Working until after sunset, we managed to move the support pipe from the back end of the framework to the front for better separation from nearby structures. Long story sort, Antenna works much better.

 Wheeler Amateur Radio Club has a new repeater on the air... their info is listed in our repeater section.
Our goal to getting them linked into the system is getting closer, an antenna has arrived, as well as the controller. The controller is in kit form and is currently being assembled by Max KF7MAX. The club has allocated some more funds to get a radio. Ideally we would like to purchase the same type of link radio that we use in our other facilities. Once we have the stuff assembled, a trip to the site will be in order and get them linked in.

 GOOD NEWS!!! Most of you know this already, but Charter has agreed to turn the Pine Mountain Facility over to HiDARG. Charter have signed off on the paperwork. UPDATE!   11/3/16 the USFS paper work has been filled out and signed and is on the desks of the USFS that have to approve it. There will be some site cleanup as part of their conditions, and those wanting to help out, please let me know ASAP. --KF7MAX

  What the heck's this HamWan stuff I hear floating around. We hope to have more info posted soon.
If you want to get in on the scoop and discussions, please sign up for the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email list.
If you have even a passing interest just send an email to that address, and include your full name and call sign.
You can be removed at any time if you wish.

 Nov. 3rd Thurs 7pm meeting for HIDARG UPDATE!
The votes are in, and it was a close race for the VP-Spot.
Thanks to both Brian KU7F and Kent AF7QO for making it interesting.

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW and current OFFICERS / BOARD members for 2017
Brady Remsen W7YPZ  President
Brian Case KU7F  Vice-Pres
Max Vaughan KF7MAX  Secretary
Ray Sprier KG7AV  Treasure
John Cherry KE7GYB  Member at Large

MidOregon Federal Credit Union
1386 NE Cushing Dr, Bend, OR
Either south bound or north bound on 27th Turn west on NE Medical Center Drive
Turn right on Cushing. West or East bound on Neff road take 27th South follow the above

 "How to Get your Ham Radio License"

Whats required, resources, who can help.

PUBLIC PRESENTATION ON ---> (date to be determined)  At ---> 6pm - 8pm

If you missed the presentation in April, email me to be notified of the next one.


Please RSVP to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out our new pages in this regard. What is Ham RadioGetting Licensed

Here is the link to the slide show of the “2015 HiDARG Christmas Party”
-It is made up of high definition still photos that are free upon request.
-Music by The Gatlin Brothers
-Created by Darrell Fevergeon, KD6WWK



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