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HiDARG depends upon your support through membership dues to help maintain our repeater systems, and to help with all our activities in the High Desert of Oregon. Your support is very much appriciated. Please help!
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Some Very Helpfull Information & Misc Info
If you know of something that would be appropriate for this area, please email the webmaster.
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If you find something that is broken or missing, or just plain wrong , please let me know and we will get it fixed. ---- KF7MAX
Help needed: Looking for volunteers for the following activities. If your a licensed ham and want to get involved, or not licensed and want to learn more please contact any HiDARG board member...........
Check the ARES site for upcoming meetings and other events.
Check this link for more events and other info -------->
Contact any HiDARG board member under the "Contacts" button above to get more information about the events, and how you can help out.
It is a great way to learn this stuff and to practice skills!!!!
The more folks who volunteer to help out the lighter the load!!! You do NOT have to be a club member to help out. You and your HT or mobile rig are all that's required.
If you have ham radio items for sale or swap.
Please it must be items related to ham radio....... List them here.......
HAM TECH CLASS can be on the schedule.
Max KF7MAX 541-706-1475 To sign up, and get more information on time and place. $20 for the manual. Free class.
If interested Please call.
ARRL- Pacific Northwest Region
2011-Adventures in Repeater Land. Chris Novara K7TVL was kind enough to come over from Eugene/Springfeild, and help get all our repeaters optimized for the Oregon Connection. Chris had already done work on the Pine Mountain System last year. This year was to finally get the Glass Butte and Burns Butte systems optimized. So on July 9th Mike AD7GC, Max KF7MAX, and Bill N7RGB headed out a long dusty, bumpy ride.
See more --->
2011 Field Day Was great and even KTVZ came out to to a bit of filming...
In case you missed it on the news...
Repeater Land
UPDATE!!! Our Glass Butte Repeater Antenna has been fixed and all is well. Thanks Mike AD7GC, John KE7GYB, and of course Ralph K7TWR (the Tower Guy)
DREW HOLMES Memorial Fund
Please check out the "NEWS" page for more information. If you would like to help out or wish to donate please contact a club officer.
Jan 7th, 7pm
NEW HIDARG WEB SITE COMING SOON! THIS SITE IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED, however some of the info here is current with respect to contacts and basic info.
For latest news on meetings, events, and other items of interest please check out the following link, it will take you to our new site.. Hopefully we should have things finalized in the next few weeks.
PARDON THE DUST, some features may not work just yet, but we will always have the latest info on the sites main page.
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CQ! CQ! 2011 PARTY PICTURES - Click Me!
YOU CAN NOW JOIN/PAY ONLINE CLICK THE JOIN HiDARG Button at anytime. If your a current member and have not updated your membership yet, this is the ideal way.
Darrel Fevergeons Slide show of the Party
THANKS TO THOSE FOLKS FOR THEIR 2014 Support to HiDARG. IT IS NOW 2015 Please pay your Dues.
OK we have our JOHN DAY crossband repeater up an running. Access is via 446.580 with PL 167.9 you will then be heard on the Mt Stephenson repeater and then into our main repeater system. When in the JD area give UHF a try on the new system.
2012 Field Day....... Some video..
KTVZ News Story
Want a HiDARG Shirt, Hat, Towel, Bag Click the link, select your product, when the HiDARG logo shows click the LOGO that will load the product line
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Talk with a HAM - - Do you have any questions?
Need advice or need some help?
Joe K7SQ 541-385-3152 . . . OR . . . Max KF7MAX 541-706-1475
If we don't know.... ..we know someone who does.
Were looking to start a General Ham Radio Class.
If interested, please let us know!!!!
We have a couple of folks already signed up.
Contact Max KF7MAX for more info!!!
2015 CLUB DUES...Your member ship helps us keep things on the air.! Plus you get your call on the list at the bottom of the page. Not required ---- KF7MAX
PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES !!!!! NOTE DUES have gone up to $25 for 2015 but if you pay $2015 now you will get in on the $20 rate......Click the JOIN Button to pay Online or download a form and mail it in. IF you are not a member but want to be a supporter. See LINK below for more information.
SEE BELOW AT VERY BOTTOM on a SWEET DEAL to get your 2015 dues paid before Dec31st, 2014
Please PAY YOUR 2015 Dues
A NOTE ON HiDARG Membership Dues
We have the following changes with HiDARG dues. During the Nov 6th meeting, HiDARG members debated and discussed raising our membership dues for 2015 to $25 dollars. After much discussion on the pros and cons, the pros won and HiDARG officially voted to raise the membership dues for 2015 and beyond. Associate dues stay the same.

The current dues are $20 that's only a $1.66 per month folks. At $25/year that puts it up to $2.0833 per month. Hopefully this won't be a deal breaker for most folks...
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