First and foremost, a thank you to everyone who made field day 2016 a success for HiDARG!  While we were a little shy on contacts due to some propagation issues, we still had a good time and it was a great public event for the club.  Our signs, banners, antennas, and bips and boops attracted quite a few people to the tent.  With the melodious sounds of CW and the not quite so harmonic sound of static, how could one resist coming by to take a peek?

We managed to make contact with all of the California sections, all of the 7 sections, and a few in Georgia and Alabama.  We had international contact with Canada in several sections and talked to a good many in between all of these.  We had some noise from the nearby campground that we weren't able to isolate and had a hard time getting out, due to conditions.  That didn't stop anyone from trying and firing away at those distant stations!

Thank you to Brian Case for getting the smokers running and cooking the chicken for the Saturday potluck.  I hate to start naming people because I know I will forget someone who was a key to the success of field day.  Suffice it to say that a good number of club members were present and collectively made the event what it was.  Our board members were present and key to setting up and helping those of us with limited gear and knowledge.  Their patience (most of the time) was appreciated and it was a great learning event for me.

If you weren't available to come to field day this year, pencil it in next year!  Besides the great BBQ dinner on Saturday, everyone is welcome to sit down in front of a radio and try their hands at making some contacts.  We had three stations operating this year and the event runs 24x7.  Most of the "regular" operators welcome a break when someone wants to give it a try so don't be a stranger for field day 2017.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Field Day 2016